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Transforming curative cancer treatments

Oxford Cancer Analytics is transforming curative cancer treatments through a minimally invasive blood test and machine learning.

Detecting cancer early, offering hope for patients and families

We are on a mission to save lives and drastically improve cancer management through early detection, with machine learning and an affordable blood test

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OXcan team

We are focused on lung cancer

Oxford Cancer Analytics focuses on strategic beachhead markets in lung cancer for expedited product deployment.

Applying state-of-the-art machine learning for multidimensional liquid biopsy data with a focus on protein enables maximised detection accuracy compared to leading competitors.

OXcan has international partnerships focusing on all aspects of lung cancer management, from high risk screening, to early recurrence detection and personalised treatment stratification.

OXcan team

Dr. Peter Jianrui Liu

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Andreas Halner


Dr. Junetha Syed Jabarulla

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Daniel Szulc

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Ella Mi

Head of Medical and Regulatory Affairs

Dr Nikola Gushterov

Machine Learning Scientist

Luke Hankey

Machine Learning Programmer

Dr. Harriet Ferguson

Bioinformatics Scientist

Dr Honglei Huang

Senior Scientist

Dr. Zhu Liang

Proteomics Scientist

Dr. Emma Mi

Clinical Research Coordinator

Mrunmayee Dupalliwar

Junior Scientist

Board and Advisors

Brad Wilson
Brad Wilson


Marcus East
Marcus East

Non-Executive Director

Professor Benedikt Kessler
Professor Benedikt Kessler

Scientific Advisor

Professor Roman Fischer
Professor Roman Fischer

Scientific Advisor

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KQ Labs Francis Crick Institute supported company

1 in 10 annually

Cancer Research UK Alderley Park Oncology Programme Grant

1 in 8 annually

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