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Enabling curative cancer treatment through early detection

From Oxford to the world

Our journey started from the dreaming spires of Oxford. We are a multidisciplinary team with extensive expertise in cancer research, clinical medicine, machine learning and business on a mission to bring hope to cancer patients and their families worldwide

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Our innovation takes cancer detection to where no one has gone before

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October 20, 2021

OXFO Elevate Success Story Snippets: OXcan

Ahead of the OXFO annual Demo Day in November, they look at some of the success stories of our past-cohort ventures and how the Elevate accelerator has played a pivotal role in their growth. This snippet focuses on Oxford Cancer Analytics (OXcan), which was one of their portfolio ventures in cohort 3 in 2020.

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September 28, 2021

Top funds and angels back ambitious startup Oxford Cancer Analytics to detect lung cancer early

Can we beat lung cancer? OXcan, can. Every day in the UK, around 130 people are diagnosed with lung cancer. If you’re diagnosed during its earliest stage, you have a 57% chance of living for more than five years. If you’re diagnosed during its latest stage, your chances of survival are reduced to just 3%. That’s why lung cancer is the deadliest cancer anyone can face. Fortunately, OXcan is striving to identify more cases, earlier.

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September 28, 2021

Meet the team on a mission to save millions of lives through tech-based early-stage cancer detection.

Peter Jianrui Liu and Andreas Halner are the Co-founders of Oxford Cancer Analytics (OxCAN), one of the portfolio ventures on cohort 3 of the OXFO L.E.V8 accelerator at the Oxford Foundry. OxCAN offers personalised platforms to detect cancer early through a blood test to enable targeted curative treatments. Peter (Jesus College) is a DPhil candidate in Clinical Medicine, and Andreas (St John's) is doing a DPhil in Clinical Medicine and Machine Learning. In 2019, the duo won the grand prize in the Oxford Foundry's All-Innovate student ideas competition, which returns this month.

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